A Premium Artist


Name: Chloe Trujillo
Company: Chloe Trujillo
Home Town: Born in Paris, France, Living in Los Angeles, California

Bio: Rising from the parisian catacombs, always obsessed with skulls and the mysteries of life, Chloe Trujillo is a devoted creative multi-faceted artist, using her craft to embellish existence experiences. She paints and designs scarves, canvases, surfboards, skateboards, swimwear and more....

How long you been designing: I was born from fashion designer and artist parents, so pretty much all my life :)

What s your favourite surf break/Skate/Snow venue. I learned to surf in the Canary Islands, and that was my favorite experience, desert meets the ocean, no one around, which we found again in Cabo, Mexico. Love Basque country too, Guetary, Anglet, Biarritz.I don't skate anymore, but my kids do and we love to go to the Venice skatepark. For snow, les 3 vallées in the French alps or squaw valley in California.

Best describe your style: Mystical visionary

Website: chloetrujillo.com