Dede - INLAYZ Artist


"Dede puts his feet on a surfboard for the first time in autumn, 1992 and is passionate about the environmental protection of the ocean, drawing and painting. Surf leads him to obtain a Master in Physics and Oceanography at the edge of the 2000s.
In parallel of his studies, he always draws, tries to improve his painting skills and in the use of medias of graphic expression, in particular spray painting.

After he's worked with the Surfrider Foundation, he decides to leave exploring a world of waves that he had always dreamt to discover, in 2007.
During his 3 years journey of which brings him in California, New Zealand, Australia and in Bali, he meets human beings of an incredible generosity who urge him to embrasse an artistic career.

Since he came back in the french city he grew up in, Marseille, he creates art pieces on surfboards, canvases and spray paints commissioned murals, trying to find a place in this artistic boiling world. »

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his Facebook page, which is Dede Nafi Surfart.

Dede at work - doing what he loves