Dila Tawn


Name: Candace Loy

AKA: Dila Tawn

Home Town: Gisborne NZ Bio:

I was born and bred in Singapore and moved to Melbourne where I learnt to surf.

Now it feels like home when I step into the water, get onto my board and paddle out.

Every session is a new lesson in facing my fears ( and also getting out of the way).

It is the best feeling spending ocean-time with my guy and good friends.

I did art when I was growing up but have never felt more compelled to put brush to paper than when I realized I could make surfboards beautiful.

My designs focus on a hand-painted feel, for girls aged 4 to 104.

I am starting to get requests for blokes, and will certainly be creating designs that both guys and girls will love, so stay tuned

I will also consider unique, one-of-a-kind commissions. My other loves are modelling and science. Stunning Gisborne, NZ, is home for now.

How long you been designing? 10+ years

What s your favourite surf break?I have not surfed enough breaks to decide this yet!! I am a Goofy so a little bit more partial to a nice left

Best describe your style: Girly in Lollyland Goes to the Beach