Wet out the foam with resin before rolling out the Inlayz.

Brush a small amount of resin on the surface of the Inlayz and Squeegee out all excess resin.

Allow Inlayz to Cure completely before doing your regular fibreglass laminate process.

You should trim the Inlayz to the outer rail edge. It will not wrap around the rail! Use sharp scissors or a blade to trim the Inlayz.

Its best to cover the entire deck to get the full strength benefit and the UV resistance.

Squeegee off all excess resin.
Inlayz cured! time to glass.
The Inlayz trimmed to outer rail edge.

What resin should I use?

Polyester & Epoxy resins have been tested with the Inlayz and work supremely well.

For best results!

Inlayz should be applied to the foam and cured before any regular fibreglass laminate is applied.

Starting out, lay the Inlayz on the deck and use two pins in the centre either side of stringer to hold position.

Roll tail and nose back to centre.

Wet out the foam with a roller for consistent resin coverage (short board typically requires 240ml)

Roll back the tail section and roll resin over the Inlayz. continue with squeegee to finish.

Remove pins and roll nose section back over to wet out foam where pins were.

Roll entire Inlayz out to nose and use roller to wet out the surface of inlayz, squeegee from tail section towards nose.

Your resin should begin to go tacky by the time your finishing the nose section, this is when you should be pushing the Inlayz over the curve of your nose and nose rails. The tacky resin at this point will help the Inlayz to lay flat to the curves of the nose.

Trimming the Inlayz to shape!

The Inlayz is usually supplied as a rectangle print that is large enough to cover the board. you will need to trim the Inlayz to suit the shape of your board.

A steady hand and a sharp blade or scissors are required. You can trim the Inlayz while the resin is in a gel-like state during curing!

Some guys cut it before applying resin others do a lap cut after resins have turned to gel!

Printed to suit your railshape? Can do.

Supply us with a pdf form your AKU file & we will apply the rail shape to the design, make your life easy by giving you a perfect fit Inlayz print that matches your rail contour. This takes away the hassle of having to spray the rail after you’ve hacked the Inlayz while trimming… happy days!

What size to Order.

You need to round up to the next full inch. If ordering an Inlayz for a 6’0″ x 18 1/2″ board. you need to order a 6’0″ x 19″Inlayz. Where the board is thicker say 3″ plus you should ad another inch to offset rail thickness.