Shape 3D

Shape 3D Leading surfboard design and CNC board cutting software has developed an amazing Graphic Mapping Tool. Users of the Software are now able to view their designs in the bay, and apply graphics to the 3D view of the board. This technology gives Shapers and Designers the ability to get a digital view of the finished surfboard complete with Graphics in a 3D viewer on Shape 3D.

Inlayz have just released a download graphic function that allows you to grab our graphics and import them into Shape3D.

Users of Shape 3D will have the option to click through to Inlayz Candy Store to find graphics to download via the Inlayz button built into the shape3D app.

Shape3D View


The Graphic Mapping tool comes with features such as Rail Margin, which gives the designer the ability to adjust the position of the Inlayz on the rail and the ability to spin the board and view it from 90 angles in each axis. This is perfect for shapers and designers to allow there customers to get a 100% accurate representation of the finished product before production begins.

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