Strength Tests


6 Ounce & Inlayz vs 6 Ounce Strength Test.

The tests were conducted under the supervision of an Independent Consulting Engineer, Mike Rickard.

The Load Cell Test conclusively proved that the single 6 ounce laminate with an Inlayz was able to withstand double the breaking force when compared to single 6 ounce laminate alone.

Breaking point of the single 6 ounce laminate = 549 KG

Breaking point of the 6 ounce laminate + Inlayz = 1014 KG   (best comparative result)

4 Ounce & Inlayz vs Double 4 Ounce Strength Test.

This test was carried out to compare the breaking strength of a 4 ounce lam with an inlayz in comparison to a double 4 ounce lam.

The boards were weighed through out the process to keep them the same. 6’0″ x 18.5″ x 2 & 5/16″

A load cell test was carried out to determine strength or otherwise described as resistance to impact

Single 4 ounce + Inlayz   board weight +2.4kG          breaking force 1082 KG

Double 4 ounce only        board weight +2.6kG          breaking force 935 KG


Inlayz and a single 4 ounce laminate was lighter and stronger than a double 4 ounce laminate. The strength enhancement has been measured and has consistently shown to double the strength of the glass weight when an Inlayz is added.