Inlayz Team Riders



JAY PHILLIPS from New South Wales, Australia 


We are proud to announce that Jay Phillips from Snapper Rocks Boardriders here on the Gold Coast is now a Team Rider for Inlayz. Jay is well known around the world for his smooth style and powerful turns. Although Jay does not compete full time anymore he is still deeply involved in the surfing industry, from teaching young micro groms at the alley to coaching lessons at Snapper, also being the current president of Snapper Boardriders who are one of the strongest clubs in Australia year after year. 

Jay is well known and well liked where ever he goes and is a great role model for the next generation of surfers as well as a spokesman for his sponsers.
Jay will have his own Inlayz art designs available on the website and we will be adding more to the range in the future.
We will also post some photos of the next batch of boards that comes through with the his new artworks on them.


We all look forward to having Jay on the team and getting some waves together.

COBY PERKOVICH (FLYBOY), from Queensland, Australia 

Above pic: Dan Scott

Stoked to have Coby on our team, showcasing his raw talent. 

STAB Mag - "How the hell is Coby doing bigger, better airs than most established pros?"



TY RICHARDSON from Queensland, Australia


MORGAN CIBILIC from New South Wales, Australia

Pic: Happily Stoked

DUKE NAGTZAAM from Western Australia

PATRICK DARK from the Unitied Kingdom

HANNAH HARDING from the United Kingdom




Youngest ripper on the team, at only 10 years old he's working his way up the ranks and already turning heads.

JARRED HANCOX from Taranaki, New Zealand




RedBull’s recent activation “design Sallys Board


Sally's Boards